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Below are some tests you can buy to test at home as well as natural remedies. If you read the info at the “Adrenal Glands | Endocrine Awareness Center for Health” above…you will find one of the remedies for severe adrenal fatigue is IsoCort (if not available…Vital Nutrients – Adrenal Support is highly recommended and this has helped me a lot) which you can buy without a prescription though you should go to a doctor first to play it safe and your best bet is a naturopathic doctor as these types of doctors understand adrenal fatigue, black mold, anxiety and more. This is an alternative to going the steroid route that requires a prescription and while if one went the steroid route it is supposed to be a low dose and less harmful, I would really consider the options at hand…steroids or a treatment that is supposed to have less side effects. That’s why I chose Vital Nutrients – Adrenal Support that my naturopathic doctor suggested when it was hard to find IsoCort. Below is a link with info about this type of supplement:
Bovine Supplements for Adrenal Fatigue

and a very important article to read is this one that tells you all about glandulars and more. It is very informative and talks how it can work for one and be toxic for another person and that one should be under guidance of a good naturopathic doctor:
Adrenal Fatigue Glandular and Herbal Therapy

I personally have had good luck with Vital Nutrients Adrenal Support and highly recommend. It has cow (bovine) cortisol. But be sure to see a naturopathic doctor before trying this product or any other adrenal health supplement as these doctors can truly help you get the best results. I also had good results with the Gaia Herbs products.

Our site has many more Adrenal Support Supplements to manage stress and your adrenal issues like high and low cortisol and give you the energy to get things done each day:

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