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Black Mold and Schizophrenia? Really? So can a person’s schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis and the like be cause by Black Mold? Well this link suggests a connection between Black Mold and Schizophrenia and mental illness:

Schizophrenia & Bipolar

And this doctor thinks there is a connection between black mold and psychosis:

Mary Ackerley: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms

If you read what Dr. Sponaugle who suffered from Mold toxicity himself has to say about the connection between psychosis and toxic black mold, there certainly may be a relationship:
Mold Toxicity Killing Americans Slowly

If you look at this Yahoo Answers page…their best answer suggest that schizophrenia is caused by both a genetic factor and/or environmental ones that alter the brain…like black mold:
Can being exposed to mold cause schizophrenia?

and this web site also notes about mold and your pyshological health and more:

Mold and Your Health