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There’s a relationship between Cortisol and Other Hormones in that Cortisol effects other hormones too. The first hormone that cortisol effect is DHEA as it is related to DHEA deficiency. DHEA deficiency symptoms are problematic and include:

  • dryness of hair, eyes, skin
  • depression
  • memory issues
  • muscle issues
  • anxiety
  • low sex drive
  • fatigue
  • joint pain
  • insomnia
  • sensitivity to sound
  • moodiness
  • gender issues like loss of pubic hair or erectile dysfunction
  • and more

The older you get the lower your DHEA is so not good. And to make matters worse you can try to take supplements for it but too high of a dose can be harmful and there’s a chance your can stop absorbing DHEA supplements. Below are some links with a lot of info about DHEA:

Magnesium deficiency is another common deficiency with Adrenal Fatigue. It is one of our Electroytes so important. Here’s some good links for more info:

Cortisol also effects Male and Female Hormones. Estrogen is perhaps the most common hormone effected by Cortisol. The links below cover a great detail of information:

You should select a hormonal test kit that tests for more than just cortisol like the ones available at our Natural Remedy Store

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