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Can Medication and Yeast Overgrowth cause abnormally high BAC Level? Well here’s an interesting link regarding medication:

Lexapro and alcohol consumed together lead to abnormally high BAC levels in women to the point they put their lives and others’ at risk

So I wonder about Ativan and BAC. Here’s a chat with a doctor and his opinion:

Lorazepam medication, Alcohol detection tests – Online Doctor Chats

It looks like Ativan can increase blood alcohol but doesn’t seem to effect a breathalyzer test.

Here’s an interesting post. The person claims to have an abnormally high BAC without drinking. How can that be? The replies are very interesting as it has happened to others. One suggests Gastro Esophogus Reflux disease. And another post suggests Candida with “Endogenous or Auto Brewery Syndrome as a result of intestinal disorders Candidiasis”…and more posts about people it has happened to:

Please help – high BAC without drinking!

and if you read the link above and continue to the second page…the last post talks also about Candida and how seeing a naturopathic doctor can help.

And can you win a DUI case if you have yeast overgrowth? Apparently yes…check out this article:

Woman claims her body brews alcohol, has DUI charge dismissed