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Anxiety and Black Mold: Possibly The Root Cause of Your Anxiety…?

If you have anxiety or panic attacks, the reason could be inside your walls. Black mold and anxiety are related. Toxic black mold can cause anxiety, depression, digestive illnesses, reproductive illnesses like infertility and early menopause, chronic fatigue, cancer, Fibromyalgia, respiratory illnesses like bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma, memory loss, bipolar disorder, psychosis, insomnia, brain damage, and much more…even death! Sometimes you can see it on the walls but many times it’s a dangerous invisible threat. But don’t worry…there’s natural treatment options…Visit our Natural Remedy Store.

I was exposed to black mold several times from 2010 when massive renovations were started at my house. I got very sick and ended up in the ER with pneumonia and seizures since all the toxins and black mold moved from the large room that was being renovated to the rest of the house. Black mold was in and on the walls. When I moved I unknowingly took it with me and got very sick again. To make matters worse a hot water tank flooded my room and there was a big ongoing leak under my sink too…a lot of black mold exposure and sick again. I complained to many doctors about the mold and my anxiety/depression but all they did was give me a lot of Ativan since they really didn’t know what else to do. They were definitely not educated about the dangers of black mold. The mold and anxiety were just belittled…It’s all in your head…Watch your triggers and take your Ativan…Get an air purifier for your room (I already had three in there!).

You have to be careful in selecting a doctor as many just don’t understand the effects mold can have. Below is an article about a doctor who like most thought mold to be natural but later discovered it was far from that. The article covers a patient’s sudden symptoms…house renovations…cortisol…psychosis, mental illness due to black mold/etc…a great informative article!:

Mary Ackerley: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms

I knew the mold was real bad for me but just didn’t realize until recently how bad black mold poisoning can be and what it can do and how it related to other health issues I had going on. I believe now the root to my issues like anxiety/depression and low cortisol-adrenal fatigue (which may have indeed caused my diabetes), memory loss over the past years was black mold poisoning at work… Look at the LONG LIST of symptoms at this link…pretty scary!:

Mold Related Illness: Index of Symptoms & Complaints

Here’s a few more links regarding the three stages/levels for symptoms of mold exposure (Stage/Level 3 includes death), impact of mold on thoughts, emotion, and personality as well as body and more info..:

  1. Impact of Mold on Thoughts, Emotion, & PersonalityHow Mold Affects the Body
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  3. Mold Toxicity Killing Americans SlowlyHow Common Mold Toxins Hurt the Body
    A List of Exact Symptoms, Signs
    and Body Parts Hurt by Mold
  4. Black Mold: Its Signs and Symptoms

Black mold can kill. The Brittany Murphy case has never been proven but toxic mold could explain what happened to both her and her husband. Initially they blamed it on substance abuse but black mold makes more sense:

Mould in your home can kill as actress Brittany Murphy’s death linked to fungus in LA mansion

It can cause damage to the brain and the body’s organs and more…and the damage can be permanent:

  1. Toxic Black Mold Symptoms
  2. Introduction to The Mold Help Organization
  3. Mold: The Common Toxin That Can Be FAR More Damaging Than Pesticides and Heavy Metals
  4. What Are Black Mold Symptoms And How Can You Treat Them?
  5. Black Mold Guide

Check out this person’s story:


And more info on the dangers:

  1. The National Treatment Centers for Environmental Disease
  2. Mold Exposure and the Human Brain
  3. Home Improvement season 3: Black Mold Toxic Dangers
  4. Mold Symptoms

Black Mold and Mental Illness

Besides death, of course, one of the most dangerous effects of black mold is what it can lead to in terms of mental illness. Please take a look at these links:

  1. This article is about how food allergies can be harmful but all toxins can be including mold:…”Mold, for example, can trigger a psychotic reaction in some people. One doctor videoed a female patient who had to be restrained by three people after being exposed to a single drop of mold extract.”…:Schizophrenia & Bipolar: Woman Recovered from Catatonic Schizophrenia and Psychosis
  2. And this story about MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) is very inteeresting:Schizophrenia Message Board: Psychosis..delusions..depression= finally correct diagnosis = environmental illness

And regarding 24 hr anxiety/panic attacks…there is a relationship between cortisol imbalance which can cause this and black mold poisoning:

  1. Mary Ackerley: The Brain on Fire: The role of toxic mold in triggering psychiatric symptoms
  2. STOP The Death Hormone Cortisol!
  3. Cushing’s Disease

And if you visit this web site below you will find a lot of info on cortisol (The Death Hormone) including low cortisol or adrenal fatigue which is not good. And under causes for both low and high cortisol you will see on the list is medications with the 3rd one being Benzodiazepines (Xanax, Ativan, Valium, Klonipin):

Adrenal Glands | Endocrine Awareness Center for Health