Anxiety Gifts: A Bird Feeder For Anxiety and for Others…Even Pets

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unique birdf eeders for anxiety sufferers and othersBird Feeders for cat and dog entertainmentBird Feeder For Anxiety – How A Bird Feeder Helped My Anxiety: It Was Not just The Birds: I never thought getting a bird feeder would help my anxiety. But the Bird Feeder For Anxiety did in several ways including quite unexpected ways. So here’s what happened to me… At first it actually caused a little anxiety as instead of birds I got more squirrels robbing the feeder. One red squirrel not only robbed the feeder but ate the feeder. This video shows the horrific damage and me telling him how I felt about the damage! I named this red squirrel Stinky. I decided to try having 2 feeders…one for Stinky and his friends (the one he ate parts of) and a new green bird feeder made from recycled materials for the birds plus added a squirrel baffler to it. And that worked. Later I bought a green bird feeder made from recycled materials and removed the top for Stinky and his friends. I filled the bird feeders each day. Stinky was the first to notice me doing this. Evetually he run over near me when I did this. Soon I was able to get within 4 feet from him and take a photo. He was semi-friendly. Sometimes I’d open the door to shed and he’d race in and show no fear. I added another feeder to my deck for squirrels. Soon there was a new semi-friendly chipmunk. I named her… Click here to find out how a bird feeder can be a great gift for anxiety sufferers plus others..even dogs and cats…

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