Any Mold Not Dangerous?

So is there any mold not dangerous? Any type of mold is not healthy and can cause respiratory issues from sneezing, congestion, nose/throat irritations to fever, pain and more. If there’s a lot of mold, one can get asthma attacks. Mold spores are microscopic so they are not seen. Mold could very well be a hidden danger. It can be any where…behind walls, ac ducts, carpets, plants, clothes… Any damp wet surface can be a home for mold. Mold loves moisture! Some common causes of dampness and moisture include flooding, leaks, and much more. Mold is easily spread with any type of movement…even when you walk around. Those at risk the most are infants, older people, people with respiratory issues and/or low immune systems. Toxic Black Mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) is the worse but mold does not have to be black for it to be toxic and not all black colored mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. Please review this site. It has a lot of important info about black mold and mold photos:

Symptoms Of Mold Exposure, Mold Related Illnesses and Sicknesses

and this site provides a lot of info regarding toxic black mold specifically:
Toxic Black Mold Symptoms

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