Aspertame and Adrenal Fatigue – How I Reduced My Aspertame Intake and…

The Dangers of Aspertame and Adrenal Fatigue

Aspartame Causes Neurological Problems and More

Aspertame is in a lot of food and drinks these days. I researched Aspertame and Adrenal Fatigue and my judgement is that it is not a safe ingredient. It can cause neurological problems, insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer and more. So I researched Splenda. And it may be safer for now. I’m not sure if it is or not. But for now seems a lot better than Aspertame.

Aspertame and Adrenal Fatigue – How I Reduced My Aspertame Intake

My Solution To Reduce Aspertame

So here’s what I did in regard to my Aspertame and Adrenal Fatigue. Obviously avoiding all the artificial sweeteners is best. But I know this is hard to do. I rely on my caffeine. I love diet cola. I hate coffee so diet cola is my caffeine! I also love my water enhancers which have Aspertame. So my first goal was to cut down on Aspertame caffeine cola and soda too. My second goal was to do the same for my water enhancers.

SodaStream Was The First Step

My first discovery was SodaStream. One buys the SodaStream Kit and SodaStream Diet Cola Syrup. Going this route here’s what you need:

I took it one step further. I realized all one needs to do is buy the SodaStream syrups and add it to seltzer water. I tried this for Diet Cola SodaStream syrup which has caffeine. The taste is actually pretty good. If you are picky about diet cola taste you will notice a slight difference. I’m picky like that. But I now drink both. So I have reduced aspertame intake. I plan to keep moving forward and reducing aspertame.

If you hate coffee like me There’s options for caffeine. These drink enhancers have splenda with caffeine and without. These can be added to water and seltzer water. And some are tea flavored with and without caffeine. So here’s those drink enhancers that have splenda and/or caffeine:

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