Black Mold Test for Humans

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Black Mold Test for Humans – How To Test Body For Black Mold Exposure

There’s a few ways to test your body for mold. You can click on the graphic above for one option or the link below and receive a discount and info about the tests:

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Some are performed at a doctor’s office and there’s some home kit options though expensive for most people. There’s even some tests for pets! But to start there’s 3 types of tests for the body including physician exam, skin test,and blood test.
Some interesting links:
There’s a gene:
What is Mold Illness? Better yet, do people get sick after being exposed to water-damaged buildings?

There’s 3 types of tests for the body including physician exam, skin test,and blood test:
Mold Symptoms

Mold allergy: Tests and diagnosis

Still another option for testing:
Get the Right Test the First Time! Mold Sickness Can be Totally Debilitating for Many

and they can test pets too:
BioTrek Labs CAN Test your Pets for Exposure to: Mold, Mycotoxins and Mold Sickness

and there’s a home urine test but it’s expensive!:
Real Time Labs Total Mycotoxin Panel
Blood Tests for Mold: Blood, Urine and Stool Tests for Mold, Myco-M7 Mycotoxins, and DNA Damage

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