Have Anxiety? A Book About Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance Every Woman Should Read!!

The Book Every Woman Should Read!

Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance are Related…

This book below is one that I feel every woman should read. It covers Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance. Your anxiety may be due to simply Hormonal Imbalance or partially due this. Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance are related as Hormonal Imbalance can cause anxiety (even psychosis!) and other unpleasant symptoms. How bad can it get? In this book, the author says some women were even put into mental institutions when the root issue was Hormonal Imbalance and that being the case quite unfair and scary. This book was written by a great naturopathic doctor who explains it all and discusses options to combat Hormonal Imbalance and get better. I found this book extremely informative on the subject and highly recommend. The book is available on Amazon…to get a copy or for more info just click below:

and if you want to do your own lab test like I did click here for more info about I did and the test I chose.

I think the book’s author is right as this is what happened to me… After renovations were done to a house I used to own…my anxiety level skyrocketed and I also got ill from multiple toxins (but I did not learn about the effects of toxic black mold and mouse feces until years later and doctors put me on Ativan instead that made all worse when the answer was treating me for Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance). It was true that both me and my dogs had traumatic experiences from multiple vicious dog attacks but something more was going on that had something to do with the renovations. I kept getting put on Ativan and benzos after only brief under 15 minute talks with multiple doctors. At first t thought Ativan was helping but soon I became very dependent on it and needed more and more. As the drug was pushed on me I did get more. It was as if the doctors were handing out candy. One doctor said no more Ativan and I’ll say he was smart about that at least but also said there was nothing else he could do for me while he should have suggested at least that I get my hormones tested. Instead another doctor gave me more Ativan. I was amazed at how easy it was to get Ativan. Except for that one doctor, as Ativan was pushed on me…eventually I saw the very dark side of this drug. Here’s what Ativan did to me…it has harmed a lot of people! Things got so bad with this drug I spent a weekend going through withdrawal symptoms as I finally said no to the Ativan despite it being the only solution doctors had for me. I finally found a counselor who thought my anxiety was probably caused by adrenal gland malfunction and in 2015 I went to a different type of doctor…a naturopathic doctor. She opened my eyes to a new good solution…natural remedies. I was shocked there were no side effects. I got better over time especially after finding out I not only had severe cortisol imbalance and severe adrenal fatigue but many other hormonal imbalances. I found out by having my own lab tests done. I took natural supplements to get better and my brain function came back and I was able to work far more hours a week and soon back to working full-time although I chose a different less stressful career path and had to learn many new things. Here’s my story about how I got better. Most western doctors and psychiatrists only use prescription meds these days to treat anxiety. I’m not a doctor but think some reasons the pills like Ativan work for some people and not others is based on the state of their bodies (are they in good shape heath-wise or have they been exposed to say toxins or have a weakened immune system or adrenal fatigue?)…or maybe it’s simply because one med may work for one person and not another. But no matter what the bottom line is it’s obvious pills like Ativan can be harmful and even dangerous for some people yet most western doctors and psychiatrists still push these pills without offering alternate types of treatment. I think this is horrible and if you watch the film below you will see what is the real motivation for prescribing Ativan and other similar harmful drugs. Before watching this film I had figured out that this was happening. However, I can see now the problem is much worse than I thought! I think the same is true about the whole prescription drug industry and also harsh medications are pushed by veterinarians when for some medical conditions such as pet anxiety when there’s natural options…to learn more about natural options for pets please visit GoGreenPetProducts.com:

An Informative Film: The Motive Behind Prescribing Ativan and Other Drugs Like It

The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging

Anxiety and Hormonal Imbalance are related
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