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The Best Mold Test Kits To Test Home For Black Mold

Some people will say these kits that test home for mold including black mold are useless but they do let you know easily if mold is in your home…either mold grows in the petri dish or it doesn’t…a no brainer as to the value of that info. Some kits are better than others and they do vary in cost, test time (from a few minutes to a few days), amount of samples tested, if they will test for yeast too, if they do a surface or physical mold sample, HVAC or outdoor testing, what they do for analysis and lab turnaround time. Some include the lab analysis in the test. The lower cost ones do not. Below are some mold test kits that received good reviews and are good options to start with to test:

Mold Test Kits

If there’s mold in the petri dish, you should have it analyzed at a lab and usually a mold test kit comes with the cost of the kit or as an option that cost extra. If you’ve had any of the mold symptoms and getting sick then you may also want to check your home owner’s policy and contact them and explain about the mold. Many insurance companies will at least send a representative out to look at the problem and hopefully will help rectify the issue at hand for you.

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