New Help for Anxiety – The Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety

Weighted Blanket Calming Effect

It Reminds Me of the ThunderShirt for Dogs and Cats but for People Instead!

I’ve always been a big fan of the ThunderShirt for Dogs and Cats. The 2 I chose for my dogs worked great for all 3 dogs. What that did for my dogs is give them a hug. For a long time I wished there was a ThunderShirt for People! And now there is a blanket for people that gives a hug. That’s the science behind the Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety. The Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety can provide this calm feeling from a hug. Thus it can help with sleep and anxiety. Staying cool can help with sleep to so click here to find out about that too. With sleep these days you can’t do enough. What works for one may not for another.

These blankets come in different sizes, colors and weights. Regarding weight it’s personal preference. Each weight is for a specific adult weight range. Different blankets vary in these weight ranges though. You do have to be careful when selecting one for kids. You don’t want it to be too heavy. I think a Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety makes sense for dealing with these 2 problems.


Weighted Compression Vest For Anxiety

The Weighted Compression Vest For Anxiety is another option…click below for more info:

Weighted Compression Vest For Anxiety

In The Spotlight: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep and Anxiety I Chose

Here’s the weighted blanket for sleep and anxiety I chose on Amazon and added to my cart. It’s low in cost and has great Amazon reviews to read:

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