The Best Way To Make Marijuana Oil With A Slow Cooker

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My Method and Recipe for Medical Marijuana Oil

Well long story short I can’t smoke but wanted to be able to use Medical Marijuana for my bad anxiety and panic attacks once in a while. I chose to make Medical Marijuana Oil so I could add it to my tea. It sounded easy but there were so many conflicting opinions online as to how to make this Medical Marijuana Oil. I couldn’t believe it. It was so confusing. So I decided to hire a cook to help but they seemed as confused as me. Some refused to help me as they viewed marijuan as evil. It was not an easy task by far. Finally I met someone who had made it before for someone who had anxiety like me. Right before I met her I bought some helpful books for the best way to make Marijuana Oil and more. She looked them over too. Here’s the 3 books I bought on Amazon:

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The Chosen Method and Recipe for Medical Marijuana Oil

I decided to use a slow cooker for olive oil and 1 oz marijuana so the method and recipe are based on 1 bud to two cups oil. Here’s the steps and the best way to make Medical Marijuana Oil below:

1. Pound cannabis inside a heavy duty ziploc bag to separate fibers and to grind it up without making it too fine.

2. Turn slow cooker on low, but keep it dry.

3. Put dry MJ into bottom of cooker insert and place into unit. let it sit for 10 minutes dry to de-carb.

4. Add olive oil and stir well.

5. Stir every 30 minutes, but let whole thing cook for 4 hours.

6. Let mixture cool completely.

7. Strain thru fine mesh, reusable dollar store coffee filter works well, or we can make a good one from old white nylon curtain. Much finer than cheesecloth. Plus less waste.

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